How I Overcame Anxiety, Found the Purpose of Life, and Lived a Year of Personal Bests

In December 2018, I told a friend, “I don’t want to be alive.” I didn’t want to harm myself. I just didn’t get the point. After years as a corporate executive and after launching a startup company, I just didn’t understand the point of it all.

That confession sent me on a journey to discover what it means to live a “Year of Personal Bests.”

·      What would life look like if I was thriving?

  • How would I know if I was thriving?
  • What would I measure?
  • How would I measure it?
  • What action would I take?

I spent a year finding the answers to those questions. I’m ready to share the results of “My Year of Personal Bests.”

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About the Author
Tony Loyd is a leadership development expert. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and coach. He helps purpose-driven business leaders to thrive in life so that they can connect with others and contribute to the world. Find out more at

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