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Building empathy is the first step in becoming a changemaker.
And what better way to build empathy than to travel? But not all
travel is created equally. As it has been said,

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a

When you travel, you have choices of just how “local” the
experience is. You can stay in a homogenous hotel chain, a local
boutique hotel, stay in the home of a close friend, or even stay in
the home of a stranger. You might want the most local and authentic
experience possible, but how do you know whom to trust? Trust is
the currency of the shared economy.

Horizon is allowing people to tap into their trusted network to
find accommodations from a couch for a night to an apartment for a
month. And, by allowing us to tap into our network, we are building

Building Empathy Quotes from Drew Meyers:

“This is a really, really unique big world that we live in, but
if you really get down to it, and actually talk to people, we’re
all in the same boat.”

“We enable travel opportunities via community with the long-term
end goal of increased empathy in the world.”

“There is a very real life lottery that exists in this world,
and it’s as simple as where you were born.”

“Horizon’s long-term goal is to enable community wherever you
are, and unlock opportunities.”

“We’re trying to counteract the time-suck economy.”

“Really be crystal clear about the why, but don’t be married to
the how.”  

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