Vote Like
You've Had Enough

How do we turn this moment, brought on by the murder of George Floyd into a movement? 

How do we translate the demands of protests into the domain of policy? 

Vote like you’ve had enough, all the way down the ticket. 

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In Minneapolis, Police Training Wasn’t Enough, with Jesse Jannetta, Urban Institute

Jesse Jannetta, Urban Institute Without accountability, trust is impossible. Picture it: A police department that dedicates itself to trust-building reforms. They partner with the best thought leaders in the country. They train all sworn officers in procedural justice. Procedural justice is the way police...

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Husniyah Dent Bradley, Candidate, MN House District 63B

Husniyah Dent Bradley, Candidate, MN House District 63B Husniyah Dent Bradley was raised in South Minneapolis, in Minnesota House District 63B. She went to Minneapolis Public Schools – Standish Elementary School, Bancroft Elementary School, Folwell Junior High School, and North Community High School. Husniyah...

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How to Move Beyond Allyship, with Dawn Johnson, White Elephant Consulting

Dawn Johnson, White Elephant Consulting Awareness of racism is the first step. Dawn Johnson helps White women to move from awareness, to ally, to an accomplice, to activist. Dawn Johnson describes herself as a leader, speaker, coach, motivator, and “a dope-ass black woman entrepreneur.”...

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How to Reform the Police, with Seth W. Stoughton

Seth W. Stoughton, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law We have an opportunity to make policing better. But the window is closing fast. After every tragic death at the hands of the police, America rings her collective hands. Speeches are made....

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How Do You Dismantle Systemic Racism?

The time to act on systemic racism is now. The stakes are high. Do you know what to do to achieve racial equality in the United States? Most of us don’t. I don’t. But I want to know how. And I want to act....

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