Voting Rights

Can Truth and Reconciliation Work in Minneapolis?

Joy Marsh Stephens, Director, Division of Race and Equity in the City of Minneapolis Joy Marsh Stephens talks about the Minneapolis Truth and Reconciliation process. We know the statistics. There are opportunity gaps in education. By the fourth grade, 50% of all Minnesota children reach reading proficiency, only 31% of Black children are reading proficiently….

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Your Voting Rights, with Jorge Vasquez, Advancement Project

Jorge Vasquez, Advancement Project Voting should be safe, simple, and exercised by every citizen. But, what happens when it is not? Pop quiz! When is the 2020 US election? If you said, Tuesday, November 3rd, ding, ding, ding, you’re right. I would have also accepted the answer, today, September 18, or any day between September…

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