Vote Like
You've Had Enough

How do we turn this moment, brought on by the murder of George Floyd into a movement? 

How do we translate the demands of protests into the domain of policy? 

Vote like you’ve had enough, all the way down the ticket. 

Podcast Episodes

Hear the latest episodes of The Anti-Racist Voter.

Can Truth and Reconciliation Work in Minneapolis?

Joy Marsh Stephens, Director, Division of Race and Equity in the City of Minneapolis Joy Marsh Stephens talks about the Minneapolis Truth and Reconciliation process. We know the statistics. There are opportunity gaps in education. By the fourth grade, 50% of all Minnesota children...

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The Most Powerful, Invisible Position in the State, with De’Vonna Pittman

De’Vonna Pittman Want to be an antiracist voter? Do your homework, and then vote all the way down the ballot. Who is your County Commissioner? Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll wait.   There’s a good chance that you have no idea who your county commissioner is....

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Your Voting Rights, with Jorge Vasquez, Advancement Project

Jorge Vasquez, Advancement Project Voting should be safe, simple, and exercised by every citizen. But, what happens when it is not? Pop quiz! When is the 2020 US election? If you said, Tuesday, November 3rd, ding, ding, ding, you’re right. I would have also...

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A Solution to Undocumented Immigration, with Laz Ayala, Illegal the Project

Laz Ayala, Illegal the Project We don’t have an illegal immigration problem. We have a systemic illegal employment problem. Picture this. It’s June 16, 2015. Lazaro “Laz” Ayala is standing in his living room. The speaker on the television is saying “When Mexico sends...

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Racial Wealth Inequality and Black Asset Poverty, with Dr. Lori Latrice Martin

Dr. Lori Latrice Martin The term systemic racism is redundant. Racism is systemic. It is a multi-level, multi-dimensional system of oppression. On average, White families have a net worth of $171,000. The average Black family’s net worth is about one tenth of that, or $17,150....

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If We Want Better, We Have to Vote for Better, With Alberder Gillespie, Candidate Congressional District MN-04

For Alberder Gillespie, the time is now. Alberder Gillespie is running for a seat in Congress, representing Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District. She’s been involved with the Democratic–Farmer–Labor (DFL) party for more than 17 years. “It was my job to get more Democrats elected,” Alberder...

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